1. Intent transcript is available - Agile ALM 2012

    Last week was the Eclipse Con 2012, co-located with the Agile ALM Connect conference. I gave a talk about Intent, focusing on what Intent could bring to Agile practices. In a nutshell, Intent provides your documents with the ability to react to changes (in design or in code), turning them into true Agile Documents. You will also be able to capitalize on your work by defining high-level constraints on your projects that will be available in the future.

    You can get the whole transcript of the talk just by clicking here.

    The talk was a success, and a lot of people came afterward to talk about Intent and propose contributions or ideas. Please feel free to continue the discussion on the Intent forum, I’ll be glad to answer to any question, technical or not, and discuss about what could be done better.

    I got really good feedbacks on the EclipseCon website, 19 +1 for 2 +0 and no negative feedback. I can’t resist to show you my 5 favorites: 

    Intent feedbacks

    And if you feel lazy, just take a look at these 2 demos (included inside the transcript) : 

    Intent in Action - part 1 Intent in Action - part2